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SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Shorts Day

Stay ChatTY’s first ever annual Shorts Day was held on June 21 (the shortest day of the year) and shaped up to be an incredible success.

With an ambitious lead time from what was a simple idea through to creation, the Stay ChatTY team were able to bring together an exciting and high-quality concept that we trust will bring the community together annually for many years to come.

The idea was that people would wear shorts on the shortest day of the year. By braving the cold, they would show that, although conversations about mental health may be uncomfortable, it will not stop us in our attempts to break down the stigma around mental health.

Shorts Day 2021 exceeded expectations in its first year, raising more than $50,000.00.

Over 12,500 people registered for Shorts Day right across Tasmania (from Queenstown to Bruny Island), with people fully embracing the day with many wonderful and innovative ideas and events.

The aims for Shorts Day 2021 were:

  • expand Stay ChatTY’s reach within the community
  • create a community led action plan, providing a solid base for the community to embrace in their own unique ways
  • create an inclusive day that regardless of age, background and experiences could be relevant to each individual and enjoyed
  • spark mental health conversations: in pursuit of reducing stigma, encourage real and honest conversations, help seeking and normalise conversations surrounding mental health
  • raise funds to support Stay ChatTY’s ongoing work in the community

Shorts Day 2021 exceeded expectations in its first year, raising more than $50,000.00.

Stay ChatTY is looking forward to expanding the reach and impact of Shorts Day in the coming years.