Case Study – Relationship Counselling

Making a good marriage a great marriage

We’re proud to share the success and achievements of the people we serve, along their paths to change. For our clients, Allison and Drummond Williamson, their journey with us has seen their marriage grow from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

The pair connected with RA Tas seeking support and guidance to change and improve their relationship. After nearly 14 years of marriage both felt that there was ‘something missing’; stopping them from having the marriage they had envisaged.

Alison and Drummond saw counselling as a ‘safe environment’ upon which to build success and change – with the help from their practitioner the couple now feel confident in what they want their relationship to be and how together, they can achieve this.

I don’t think in my mind I even knew what a marriage was – or even what a relationship was… We had a good marriage, but we wanted to have a great marriage, so we decide to come [to RA Tas] to get some help. – Drummond

Everybody goes through stuff – that’s what makes us all human. – Allison