Health Accreditation

Relationships Australia Tasmania is proud to have been granted accreditation against the National Standards for Mental Health Services for three years from 21 April 2019.

Through the accreditation process clients commented in audit interviews that they believe RA Tas staff are up to date in their knowledge and practice. Stakeholders also confirmed that we are committed to best practice and that RA Tas contributes to the professional development of the sectors in which we work.

The accreditation report highlighted that at RA Tas we have a committed staff group supported by strong leadership, with our current workforce planning ensuring we have a high level of skill that is required in dealing with high risk and vulnerable people.

Accreditation will help us to:

  • Provide independent recognition that we are committed to safety and quality
  • Foster a culture of quality
  • Provide clients with confidence
  • Build a more efficient organisation using a systematic approach to quality and performance
  • Increase capability
  • Reduce risk
  • Provide a competitive advantage over organisations that are not accredited, and
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, where relevant.

Achieving accreditation is an excellent outcome for RA Tas, as it demonstrates to our clients that they are receiving quality services, underpinned by appropriate processes and systems.