Staff Profile

Wendy Meadowcroft

Wendy Meadowcroft is a Finance Officer at RA Tas and our longest serving employee. With over 20 years with RA Tas, Wendy still finds her work continually changing and evolving – a challenge she enjoys.

Wendy deals with ‘the money out’ – invoicing people on Penelope, reconciling bank accounts and managing grant funding. However, supporting her team to achieve and work at their best is what Wendy finds most rewarding. Wendy explains, “you know that everybody’s got your back…it’s a lovely team to work in”.

When not crunching the numbers, you can find Wendy on the running track. A keen runner, Wendy has taken her love for health and fitness into the workplace, as a prominent and active member of the organisation’s Health & Wellbeing Group. For Wendy, ‘physical and Mental wellbeing’ are just as important in the workplace as on the sporting field.

Even though I’ve basically been doing the same job for the past 20 years – it’s always changing, it’s always challenging.